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Member education in english

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Welcome to basic member training for the Social Democratic Party. The Social Democratic Party is a popular movement party and as such, it is important that many of us get involved in order to develop our ideas about the future. A member training programme is one of the most important tools for the members of our party. Our member training programme is also an important instrument in building a stronger party organisation, and also raises the level of our entire system of studies. By giving a group the chance to discuss and gain insights into politics, ideology, history and how the party organisation works, the members are given better tools for participation, involvement and active membership in the party. For a popular movement for social change, education is of central importance. Greater knowledge and insight into how things are related gives rise to some of the most important ingredients of change work. It Foreword helps members grow and provides them with better conditions to influence the development of society together with others. This member training programme is for everyone who is interested, both new members and those who have been in the party for some time. The Party Executive has the ambition of providing qualitatively good materials. Of course, it is up to the municipal party organisations and party districts to organise member training in their own way. The member training materials are also for those interested in the Social Democratic Party

This material will help you and your friends in a Social Democratic association to prepare and get started with your outwardly directed work, such as knocking doors, conduct open political meetings at work or in a local estate meeting hall, attend a round-the-clock polling hut, attend market stalls at festivals or sporting events, organise rallies or distribute leaflets at the bus station or in a residential area, to name a few examples.

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